Monthly Archives: November 2010

Free Ashampoo Snap 3!

Capture Anything on Your Screen – Including Video! Ashampoo Snap 3 can capture and store anything on your computer screen, including video. If you can see it on your screen, Ashampoo Snap 3 can turn it into a snapshot or movie and save it to a file. And with its amazingly simple editing functions you can produce results that you will be proud to share in no time.


* Video capture with high quality codecs
* Two video modes for movies and program demos
* On-the-fly video encoding – no waiting
* Accurate multi-page printing for scrolling captures
* Automated file name functions for captures
* Flood fill editing tool for filling areas with color
* Editor function, now opens and edits other files
* Get great results in seconds

Download here

Why I am not blogging about Legos anymore

When you come to my site, you expect to find articles about Legos. I used to do that on my Live Spaces but it has changed. No one was coming to my site so I decided to switch topics. No I write more about software and how you can get them for free.