Server back up!

After working a LOT and moving everything around, I have finally gotten the server back up. If you remember maps that aren’t there or Slayer maps that you want to play, please tell me because I have forgotten. Also, if it is laggy, please tell me so that I can change it to 12 or 14 players. I am currently experimenting with 16 because of it’s popularity.

Thanks for playing!

New site at

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Been blogging about tech stuff since 2008. Interested in Windows, Doors, Apples, Oranges, Valves, Spouts, Steams, and Xboxes.

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  1. »§§}Ðëåth»

    Um, åwëŠØMëMåñ, it’s EXTREMELY LAGGY! No offence man but i get LAG a LOT

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