How to get Google Music Without Credit Card for Free Music

In this post, I will tell you how to get the Free Google Music without a credit card. I recently went to Google Play and checked out their free items. But when I wanted to download one, I was presented with this screen

Well I have a method to bypass that. Get a credit card number from here and input it in the CC place. Next, enter any expiration date you want as long as it is within 3 years. Then, input your real name, address, and phone number. If you don’t want to put your real number, you can get one from here. Just get one that is near your area.

You will then get a error that your card was rejected. Just ignore it and continue to the music you want. Now when you want to get the free download, it will allow you to get it! Be sure to look in your Music library for your free song. There were some people that reported the song not showing up in their library. To get it in your library, just click listen after you buy it. It will show up in your library afterwards.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I can help you.

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  1. Superb blip! I just caught your website and will decidedly become a usual reader now. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Good summary! I just discovered your web blog and will without doubt become a ordinary lurker now. Keep up the awesome work.

  3. Thanks 4 this. but im wondering is this agenst the law? if so could i get caught? im confused is it a glitch or is that a random credit card. who does it charge if any1

    • I’m not sure if it is against the law. I did it though and it has worked for me. You won’t get caught because the credit card is valid yet has no money inside. It fits mathematically so that the CC reader thinks it is legit but then it realizes there is nothing inside and says it isn’t valid.

  4. it’s can’t be done… it’s says my card has declined… please help me

    • It can… Just ignore the error and continue to the music you want. You may need to refresh the page, or try again with another number.

      • Refresh and press the “free” button (or other button) again. It worked for me! You won’t have to enter it again or anything. It will say it’s been added to your song list…
        Keep in mind I tried this through Google Play…

      • Glad you got it to work; that is what’s supposed to happen 🙂

  5. I was unable to ignore. Perhaps it has been updated?

  6. What about the cvc code??

  7. I’m from India. Can you help me? Can I do this through the play store or do I have to do it from the website?

  8. Big Bad John the HOBO

    Is there like an option on google play that will let you change it if you want to actually buy something later if ya know what I mean

  9. It doesn’t work anymore, not with books at least

  10. Nah doesn’t work with latest version anymore. They check for valid numbers now and force you to try again or go back before you hit the free button. You may be grandfathered in now.

  11. I can’t get trough this block!!! D:
    Even if i tryed every card it doesn’t let me trough… 😦
    Can somebody help me??

  12. I wonder if this method works with “barnes and noble” as well..??

  13. Not sure if anyone has tried this lately… But I tried a bunch of the numbers and getting the message: “Invalid credit card.” I tried all of the Visa #s Some MC and some DC and they all say the same thing

  14. Caros colegas, funcionou para mim.
    Moro no Rio coloquei meu cartão do Banco Itau e deu tudo certo…

  15. Bob Lee Swagger

    What about CVC number ?

    • Sorry dude, I came here for this but intrepid9 said a bit higher “Yes, I have tried this on a new account for getting books and is confirmed not to work anymore on XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. They might have read this article 😦 ”

      So I guess we’re fucked.I’m ordering my credit card today.

  16. Mansour Yaacoubi

    Unfortunately not working any more … 😦
    Although good work…

    ……………………….Moderator comment……………………………

    Yea, it sucks… I’m still looking for a way and will update the post if possible

  17. Guys, any workaround here? 😦

  18. enter CVV and exp date both wrong .. I entered only exp date wrong, I am charged for $1

  19. And how do i know the CVC?

    ……………………….Moderator comment……………………………
    Read the comment here

  20. Hi…..can any one tell me how to download paid games frm android market because am living in iraq and we dont use credit card yet …. so plz show me how to download paid games plz……thnx

  21. What do you out for the CVC #?

  22. It is asking for a cardholder name what do I do

  23. it does not go beyond invalid credit card.

  24. It doesn’t work either in Belgium 😦

  25. What do we put for the CVC code???

  26. It does not work I tried mostly every card and there is no CVC

  27. Doesn’t work any more

  28. illegal – dont do it!
    ……………………….Moderator comment……………………………
    It’s already been patched. Don’t worry -_-

  29. I tried this, but it keeps saying invalid credit card. I made up a CVC number–maybe that’s the problem. But how would you get one?

  30. Is this legal? I don’t want to wake up one day and detectives come knocking on my door telling me that i’m downloading illegal music.

  31. Rickie R. Morgan

    This doesn’t work anymore i really wanted some fre music

  32. Hey. I found a workaround. Use Firefox with Adblock Plus. Use element block to hide the popup and unblock the page. Don’t share this….don’t want them to fix it! WOO HOO

  33. Hey there,
    Just tried this, doesn’t work anymore….is there anything else I can do?

  34. I’m trying to register for Google Play Music itself and it won’t let me bc I don’t have a credit card and I can’t get past Google Wallet w/o it. Help?!

  35. would that trick work with other parts of the google play store such as books?

  36. How do I get the security code?

  37. Bloody Google forces everyone to loose anonymity on the Internet. Hate that!

  38. Anonymous Reader

    What about the CVC? Whenever I type in a random CVC it says that it is not a valid credit card. Any idea how to fix it?

  39. How do I get the cvv or cvc code

  40. I have pre-paid cards already. I’m trying to find a way to download free music and movies

  41. I created a Google Wallet account WITHOUT a credit card by installing Google Opinions Rewards and answering the first survey. I already had the Wallet app installed, but didn’t set up an account.

    It created the Wallet account for me and deposited a dollar in the account. The questions weren’t identifiable and you don’t have to answer any more surveys unless you want to. You can even uninstall the app.

    Now I can download free books. (To get the free Google Books you still have to have a Wallet account, even if you never plan to buy anything.
    I figured it out by accident, when I installed the Google Opinions Rewards app before creating a Wallet account. It did the work for me.

  42. I am putting in a Visa 13 Digit but it say invalid card number. Is it because of the Security Code and if so, how do I bypass this.

  43. what the hack dey need for steet address

  44. it dosent show the numbers and stuff

  45. I don’t have an Android, so I can’t download the Google Opinions Rewards app. Has anybody alternative methods for those who don’t have an Android?

    • I just saw this on Ars Technica ” Hack runs Android apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers” and thought it might help you. I haven’t tried it though. YMMV

  46. This method doesn’t work anymore. Its always give credit card invalid

  47. This does not work! It says you must input CVC to move on.

  48. Hello guys what a nice blog that gives information about download of Google Play music and enjoy music according to your choice.

  49. Go to google play music and purchase a free song and you can upload all the music you want to it

  50. bilingual_fr_en

    doesn’t work anymore……………….

  51. What do u put for the cvc number the 3 digit code?

  52. laizer morufane none

    is this really about uploading song to internet my own song without wanting bank details

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