Monthly Archives: April 2012

Zerg Rush Easter Egg and New Google Search

Today, while surfing the internet, I saw Google being weird. Looking closer revealed tons of small “o”s chewing up my results!! Deterred, I started clicking them so they wouldn’t eat all of it but by the time I killed one, dozens more sprang up in its place.

That is Google’s New Easter Egg. All you have to do is type in “zerg rush” and start playing. Have fun!

Side Note: Does anyone know why Google’s search is looking like that?

Tech and Google April Fools 2012

Enjoying April Fools Day yet? I was looking around the web and I realized something on Google. You could change the weather!

Google has many April Fools Tricks today. I think I found all of them…

First comes Google Tap where you can type in Morse Code!

Another Trick is Google Maps in 8-bit for NES.

Next Google optimizes Sites for Rotary phones.

Then Google Races

Chrome has a Multitask Mode

And Lastly, Google has this “Really Advanced Search”

Youtube thinks the internet is old

Sony makes a computer as small as a Quarter

Toshiba makes circular and heart shaped tablets

Kodak can help you print live kittens

Did you find any others?