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RAVPower 15000mAh External Battery RP-PB19(B) Review

RP-PB19(B)Having had this product for 2 weeks, I can attest that this is a very well built charger. During my time with it, I’ve dropped it several times and it has continued to work. It has a modern design as well. RAVPower has improved from their old versions of external batteries. I am very impressed with this product. At first, I was wondering how I should turn it on when I realized that this power bank automatically turns on and off. This charger arrived with 75% battery still inside so I started charging my dead nexus 7 with it. After it finished, it still had about 50 – 20% still remaining so I charged my phone. It died after that.

Being big, it does not really fit in your pocket and is also a bit too heavy for that as well. (It’s heavier than their 13000mAh variant) The light isn’t that bright but that is not the main purpose of the battery. Charging times for my nexus 7 was 2-4 hours. Charging times for my Moto g was 1-2 hours. This battery has charged everything from external speakers, to mini lamps. I had to leave it to charge the entire night (about 12 hours) because it is a big battery. It lasts several days though.

Finally, what I like is that it comes with a carrying pouch and several adapters. Also it comes with two ports in case both of your electronics are dead. I keep this around me all the time now. This is an amazing charger for its price.

You can buy it here