GoPro Action Accessories Kit Review

I have a GoPro Hero 3 but I was never able to do anything more than attach it to my suction cup accessory that came with the GoPro. Without accessories, the GoPro was pretty much useless. It is important to note that in order to use these accessories, you need to have either a skeleton case or a waterproof case. The GoPro by itself is not enough,.

Inside the kit we have 2 flat adhesive mounts, 2 curved mounts, 12 anti-fog inserts, 2 flat quickclips, and a wrench (that I found unnecessary). There is also a wrist strap, head strap, chest strap, bike mount, side mount, yellow floating grip, suction cup, selfie stick, and flexible tripod. They also included a 8GB class 10 Micro SD card. I tried the card and it actually wasn’t too bad for a no-name brand card. I wouldn’t rely on it for serious work though.

The most useful accessories I found included all the body straps, the camera 1/4 mount, and the side mount. Unfortunately, it was raining most of my testing period so I was not able to use the bike mount. That was something I really wanted to try since I’m an avid biker and I bike everyday. The quality of most of the products were pretty good. The two things that I disliked were the selfie stick and the flexible tripod. The selfie stick was too light and too thin. I did not feel safe with my heavy gopro attached on the top. The same goes for the flexible tripod. I know it is small but it was not able to hold onto objects well and was basically only good for being a standard tripod.

Now most official accessories cost about $10 per piece so this is actually a pretty good deal on knockoff accessories for $40. To conclude, if you just bought a gopro, you should get a cheap kit like this one to get you started. Once you are comfortable with these accessories and want to move on to bigger projects, then you could buy the official ones. I find most of the accessories here will fit the average user’s needs though so I would not worry about getting more costly ones.

You can buy this product here

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