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Night Provision™ BX-960 LED Bike Light Review

I bike around very often. Because of that, I need very good lights for biking at night. My old light was powered by batteries and would die very often. On top of that, it wasn’t a LED light. With this light, it is powered by a 18650 battery that is often found in high powered flashlights. It is rechargeable and is super bright.
My old light would need a screwdriver to secure onto the seat and this one instead uses rubber where its kinda like a belt and you adjust it to fit your seat. Now there are four modes to change from: high constant on, low constant on, super low light, and a strobe light. The battery actually lasts a while. It also remembers the mode you were on too. I went biking for 3 hours and it still had battery in it. It will also tell you when it needs charging by having a charging signal on the light itself. This charges with a USB Mini cable (which is included)

You can buy this light here #BX960