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[Giveaway] Advanced SystemCare Pro 5

Today we have iObit’s Advanced SystemCare 5.

Advanced SystemCare 5 is a comprehensive PC care utility that takes a one-click approach to help protect, repair and optimize your computer.

It cleans, repairs registry and makes PC running like a brand new one with enhanced “Turbo Boost”, an advanced technology in optimizing PC.

This key is good for 6 months. Download the installer from the iOBit site.

Key: 573B1-2A573-79443-C7FD4

Free WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe 3.12.2

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is designed to meet your up-to-date video conversion requirements. It is not only an almighty video converter with practical video editing features such as Split and Crop, but also a fast video downloader and DVD burner.

The developer updated the software with significantly enhanced Core this week. Don’t miss the chance to get your free copy and enjoy much faster video conversion speed and highest possible output quality.
Key features:

  • Compress and convert HD videos at one go. Support MKV, AVCHD (M2TS, MTS), MOD, TS, TOD, etc.
  • Convert between HD videos and standard AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, RM, RMVB, WebM, Google TV, etc.
  • Offer you the options to convert videos with presets or customized profiles to fit your portable/console players.
  • Help you smoothly play various videos on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, PSP, PS3, Xbox, Blackberry, etc, regardless of video formats.
  • Download and convert videos directly from YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Break, etc.
  • Create DVD folder and burn videos to DVD Disc with a few clicks.
  • Automatically fix incorrect video data.



Download here
To get to the download, be sure to click CONTINUE and NOT Download.

Free Sticky Password Pro v5.0.6.249 [24 hours only]

Today you can get Sticky Password Pro v5.0 for free! This includes the portable version. This offer is by GiveawayOfTheDay

Description from developers page,

Sticky Password 5.0 creates, stores, manages, and encrypts strong passwords and fills in those long online website forms and your passwords automatically. It also allows you to enter, organize and safely store other personal data, while using one simple Sticky Button instead of those annoying toolbars! Sticky Password goes where you go, because each license also includes the portable version and installs easily on your USB device or flash memory stick. iPhone support through your iTunes account is also available now!

Sticky Password incorporates the industry’s most powerful encryption algorithms and provides effective protection against phishing schemes, concealed key-loggers and identity theft. Get organized, save time and protect yourself with Sticky Password.

To get it free, either download this or go to the direct page.

and enter this into the Coupon Code box.


Hurry you can only install it Today!

Zerg Rush Easter Egg and New Google Search

Today, while surfing the internet, I saw Google being weird. Looking closer revealed tons of small “o”s chewing up my results!! Deterred, I started clicking them so they wouldn’t eat all of it but by the time I killed one, dozens more sprang up in its place.

That is Google’s New Easter Egg. All you have to do is type in “zerg rush” and start playing. Have fun!

Side Note: Does anyone know why Google’s search is looking like that?

Tech and Google April Fools 2012

Enjoying April Fools Day yet? I was looking around the web and I realized something on Google. You could change the weather!

Google has many April Fools Tricks today. I think I found all of them…

First comes Google Tap where you can type in Morse Code!

Another Trick is Google Maps in 8-bit for NES.

Next Google optimizes Sites for Rotary phones.

Then Google Races

Chrome has a Multitask Mode

And Lastly, Google has this “Really Advanced Search”

Youtube thinks the internet is old

Sony makes a computer as small as a Quarter

Toshiba makes circular and heart shaped tablets

Kodak can help you print live kittens

Did you find any others?

How to get Google Music Without Credit Card for Free Music

In this post, I will tell you how to get the Free Google Music without a credit card. I recently went to Google Play and checked out their free items. But when I wanted to download one, I was presented with this screen

Well I have a method to bypass that. Get a credit card number from here and input it in the CC place. Next, enter any expiration date you want as long as it is within 3 years. Then, input your real name, address, and phone number. If you don’t want to put your real number, you can get one from here. Just get one that is near your area.

You will then get a error that your card was rejected. Just ignore it and continue to the music you want. Now when you want to get the free download, it will allow you to get it! Be sure to look in your Music library for your free song. There were some people that reported the song not showing up in their library. To get it in your library, just click listen after you buy it. It will show up in your library afterwards.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I can help you.

How To Remove Echofon Ads from the Firefox Extension

Don’t you dislike those ads? Apparently, they like ads and partnered with 140 Proof. You can read the announcement here. Well, there are two ways to remove the annoying ads.


Disclaimer: The following behavior may violate the terms of the local laws, Echofon for Firefox end-user agreements or terms of privacy of UberMedia. This also may affect Firefox and Echofon for Firefox stability, security or performance; any user in the implementation of these acts should first make their own assessment of its possible consequences; If you choose to do these acts, the user must take full responsibility for their own choices.

LOL whatever… I did it and it had no speed issues. Now, assuming you installed Echofon for Firefox already,

  1. In the Firefox address bar, type about:support
  2. Click the “Open Containing Folder” to open the profile folder currently in use, Go into the folder > extensions \ \ components \;
  3. Use notepad, + + or Notepad2 text editor to modify the function of nsEchofon.js in getAd
  4. getAd: function(info) {
    this._pref.setBoolPref("licensed", true);

To make it easier, Ruf love has provided a nsEchofon.js already. Download here. Just replace the old nsEchofon.js in the open directory.

Now Restart FireFox.

NB: The mac version of Firefox profile path is ~ / Library / Application Support / Firefox / Profiles /

Original Article by 鲁夫的爱 TrackBack
Translated By LegoMaster


Again assuming you have Echofon installed,

Browse the following path on your system:

This is the standard location of your Firefox Profile on Windows 7/Vista. Look up the right location of your profile on other operating systems if necessary.
If the “chrome” folder does not exist yet, create it.

Create a new textfile inside the “chrome” folder and rename it to “userChrome.css”.
Make sure the file extension gets applied properly!
Open it with a text editor like notepad and insert the following three lines:

#echofon-ad-unit {
display: none !important;

If you’re having trouble preparing the “userChrome.css”-file you may download this one:
Just copy it into the path mentioned above.

Save the file and restart Firefox. If you’ve done it properly, the ads should now be gone from your echofon extension.

Written by DarkChaplain TrackBack

UPDATE 9/15/12:

Apparently, Echofon has updated it’s software and the lines got changed. To activate it again, go to about:support, open your profile folder, find the folder with the echofon extension and find this._pref.setBoolPref and set it to true. For more info about where to find this, how to find this line, or other questions, refer to the top method and read it. It’s very similiar

Top 5 Shortest Email Address

Ever annoyed by how long your email address has to be? Well I have searched all over the internet to bring the top 10 shortest domains you’ll ever see. They are all free. They aren’t the best ones though.

  2. Second shortest!
  3. – From Web18
  4. – From
  5. – From Apple but requires iOS 5

Last one isn’t really that short but fits 🙂 – Also from

WPMUdev WordPress Chat Plugin 1.0.7 BETA 6

Free Chat!

Host your own live chat sessions, interact with your visitors and boost your sales, without needing any third party javascript or other code – works great with buddypress and multisite too.

Download here

UPDATE: Some people have reported broken links so

Link 2 here


Free Winzip 16 Pro!

WinZip is the world’s #1 zip utility for file compression, file sharing, file encryption, and data backup. With over 20 years of experience, we are constantly improving our software to provide you with the fastest, easiest way to zip/unzip files, share data, and protect your work!

Download here