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Server is down

Server is down due to problems. It will be up soon. The maxplayers will soon only be 12

Please come back for updates.

If you have xfire you can contact me. smileyxl3

RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died today and I just felt like remembering him on my blog. He was the one who made my iPod anyway 🙂

Last Post!

Well this is my last post on here. I have moved to Now I don’t know why, but sometimes it redirects to Google. Must be something with the DNS. If you go to however, it always lands on my page.

I will come back occasionally to update things. I might come back if WordPress has more options. If you comment here, I will still answer them.

I happen to finish making my first video!


I’m thinking of changing to blogger. WordPress is too limited. What do you think?

WordPress don’t allow me to embed things, no chat, and no flash.
Blogger allows me to do all that and more!
Vote on the poll on the side!

Free G-Recorder Pro

Free G-Recorder Pro!

Since it uses a Real License, It is UPDATEABLE!

Record Skype Calls, Chats and History
To Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and More!

I made this myself and tested and verified on XP SP3

Download here


I have upgraded my Spaces account to WordPress. I have no idea if it was a good choice or not.

Free Mediashout V4.4

Free Mediashout V4.4! I personally don’t like it though.
Download here


I will start using Megupload because it is faster. Here is the link generator. I use it for myself.

Free Blackhawk striker 2!

To install, use installer then go to program files/yahoo games.
Find the game and replace with crack. Enjoy!
Download here

Free Blackhawk Striker 2

To get it, install first then go to program files/yahoo games and replace the blackhawk game with the cracked game
There are no viruses. If alerts do pop up it is a false positive. Download here.