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How To Remove Echofon Ads from the Firefox Extension

Don’t you dislike those ads? Apparently, they like ads and partnered with 140 Proof. You can read the announcement here. Well, there are two ways to remove the annoying ads.


Disclaimer: The following behavior may violate the terms of the local laws, Echofon for Firefox end-user agreements or terms of privacy of UberMedia. This also may affect Firefox and Echofon for Firefox stability, security or performance; any user in the implementation of these acts should first make their own assessment of its possible consequences; If you choose to do these acts, the user must take full responsibility for their own choices.

LOL whatever… I did it and it had no speed issues. Now, assuming you installed Echofon for Firefox already,

  1. In the Firefox address bar, type about:support
  2. Click the “Open Containing Folder” to open the profile folder currently in use, Go into the folder > extensions \ \ components \;
  3. Use notepad, + + or Notepad2 text editor to modify the function of nsEchofon.js in getAd
  4. getAd: function(info) {
    this._pref.setBoolPref("licensed", true);

To make it easier, Ruf love has provided a nsEchofon.js already. Download here. Just replace the old nsEchofon.js in the open directory.

Now Restart FireFox.

NB: The mac version of Firefox profile path is ~ / Library / Application Support / Firefox / Profiles /

Original Article by 鲁夫的爱 TrackBack
Translated By LegoMaster


Again assuming you have Echofon installed,

Browse the following path on your system:

This is the standard location of your Firefox Profile on Windows 7/Vista. Look up the right location of your profile on other operating systems if necessary.
If the “chrome” folder does not exist yet, create it.

Create a new textfile inside the “chrome” folder and rename it to “userChrome.css”.
Make sure the file extension gets applied properly!
Open it with a text editor like notepad and insert the following three lines:

#echofon-ad-unit {
display: none !important;

If you’re having trouble preparing the “userChrome.css”-file you may download this one:
Just copy it into the path mentioned above.

Save the file and restart Firefox. If you’ve done it properly, the ads should now be gone from your echofon extension.

Written by DarkChaplain TrackBack

UPDATE 9/15/12:

Apparently, Echofon has updated it’s software and the lines got changed. To activate it again, go to about:support, open your profile folder, find the folder with the echofon extension and find this._pref.setBoolPref and set it to true. For more info about where to find this, how to find this line, or other questions, refer to the top method and read it. It’s very similiar